This is Worth Repeating...Mimi's Mini List of Ways to Stay Positive Everyday!

About a year ago as I strolled around town stopping at various places: the Post Office, a local health food store, a grocery store, the high school to drop of a letter of recommendation, the bank and a few other local spots, I began to look at people's smiles, no upbeat prancing, no laughing, giggling, singing, humming or happiness or if they were happy no one was showing it except for one man who smiled and said,"Hi, how are you doin' today?" I thought to myself; Where's that happy to be alive attitude, time to smell the flowers wisdom, dance like no one is watching attitude...where was it? It was buried deep down in the hecticness of life. I am a firm believer that the diamonds you look for are usually right in your own backyard (Russell Conwell Acres of Diamonds) Everything you need to be positive and happy is in your own mind or right in your own life.  When a door seems closed, usually another opens when you least expect it.

So, after the crazy hectic day I had yesterday...a bank overdraft...not one, but two, and an encounter with a crazy person, where I became the example for everyone, a computer brain lapse, where I could not remember how to use a PC because I am so accustomed to MAC, my grandson going to the ER for a knee injury and all the other everyday dilemmas that occur in one's life...BTW I am retired and life is supposed to be all relaxation, calmness, bliss, daydreaming, ahhhh the retired life...NOT YESTERDAY!!

 Ok so...I am going to share just one short story from yesterday...just so you see where I am going with this crazy day thing!  I went to the bank quickly before I was helping a friend give a workshop to the district from which I retired, and the teller stated that my account was overdrawn..."What I replied...wait Say what?" He repeated your account is overdrawn and again I am like..."Wait there was money in there yesterday!" Now you have to understand that this account is a small account that has been compromised at least 5 least 5 times in the past 3 years...I mean the teller at the bank sees me waiting in a chair to chat to someone laughs and says "Oh no not again!" So, as a result, I don't keep a lot of money in this account for that reason.  So, I was shocked because I knew exactly how much money was there and exactly what I had spent.  So I calmly I smiled, made a joke of it and said...okay...let's see what happened this time!! As he checked through my transactions, he said, Did you go to yadda yadda  restaurant the other day?" I replied, "Yes, it was $21.00 including the tip...$17.00 plus a $4.00 tip!" He smiled calmly and said, "Well, according to this statement you spent $417.00 there and you have $70.00 worth of overdraft fees!" "Whaaaaaat? OMG are you kidding me?"  Long story short...we transferred money from one account to another and all was fine with the bank...this time round.  However, I still needed to get my money back so I took a chance at calling the restaurant explaining my dilemma and the owner looked back into his transactions, explained that they put the tips and transactions into the credit card companies by hand and accidentally added too many zeros on the tip!!!  I stayed calm, positive laughing here and there fuming on the inside, panic attack mode, ready to explode...but I stayed calm and positive...things could be is not a life or death is only money...NBD (no big deal). The owner explained he would refund all your money including my lunch and he would also take care of my next meal at his establishment.  Okay money problem solved...but I still had to explain this whole bizarre situation to my husband...OH NO!  That is another story for another time.

So, here is what I needed to remember and felt it was worth repeating in my post... I call it Mimi's Mini List of Ways to Stay Positive Everyday.
1. Count your blessings and there are many. Everyday before you go to work or get your day going, think of 4 things you are happy about. It can be a small as I woke up this morning and am able to enjoy this beautiful day! Maybe for me it might be my bank account has some money in it and no one stole my bank card number!

2. Look for the positive in everyone you encounter and give them a smile and a kind word. A smile and a kind word can go a long way and you never know just how important that smile may have been to the person who noticed those pearly whites!

3. Find something positive in what life's journey brings everyday. Even a negative situation can have a positive twist. My dad was an extremely fast paced type "A" personality kind of guy. He never stayed in the same spot for more than 5 minutes and in fact, if he had something to deliver to my house, he would beep the horn and toss it on the joke! At age 66 he had a stroke, this negative situation was turned quickly into a positive. He was not able to pick up and move around too much after this unfortunate situation, but I got to know him better than ever because he could only sit in his wheelchair and talk. Sitting and chatting in his living room created some the fondest memories I have of him. He expressed his feelings and I really began to develop a friendship with my dad that may not have happened if it were not for this illness.

4. Don't take anything personal. If someone snaps at you and you respond in a negative way then you will feel that negativity long after the incident, but if you respond with a smile and kind will spread positiveness and maybe even make a friend.

I know these ideas seem simplistic, but....why not give it a try? You may just change the way you think and...According to Aristotle: Happiness depends upon ourselves. Be positive...think positive...stay have nothing to lose!

So, today I look back on yesterday smile in the mirror and say,"Today is a new day...a chance to turn negative situations into positive memories that I will laugh about, tell stories about and smile about later!" ENJOY your day and share your story in the comments if you would like!

I just found this article today that piggybacks off of my post...It is definitely worth reading!
Want to be Happier?   ENJOY and think one positive thought everyday!


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So, What Do Teachers Read?

Hi There... Recently I found a blog post called "On My Bookshelf",which is a monthly link up for sharing great books you have read for personal pleasure, books that you have read for development of your teaching skills, or as additions to your classroom library. This post was written by The Literacy Maven
I stopped by this site and thought okay...well...I have read literally tons of books for pleasure; tons for educational development and an infinity of children's books that I have used in my classroom library that are now in my daughter's Kindergarten Special Education classroom (I volunteer in her classroom 2 days a week and love it)!  Since I have taken the plunge into retirement, which DOES NOT feel like retirement because I am doing more now than when I was teaching and actually did I find time to teach?  I really think the answer is simple...teaching took up ALL my time at school and at home! So now I have time to do what I want to do any time I want. That being said, I thought I would share a few of the books that I have read over the years and a few I am reading right now that fit into the suggested categories!

Here are some of the books I have read for enjoyment:  Still Alice by Lisa Genova, which is a great book about a psychology professor diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Through this novel there is a strong message about self worth and the ability to remember.  I could not put this book down because it is something that could touch our lives in some capacity and has touched my life as my Mother-in-Law, who has since passed had, Alzheimer's. It was simply a touching story and I could identify with and understand the difficulties of the characters were experiencing.

Another book I read for pleasure was called Left Neglected  again by Lisa Genova.  I guess she might be competing for my favorite author spot, but I have too many other favorites books I have read by other authors as well.  This story, like Still Alice is also a tale about something that could happen to anyone who may have a head injury. I truly think anyone young and old can identify with the protagonist Sarah especially in this fast paced world we live in.  I am not going to give you any further will have to read the book to find out the plot of this one!!! But...I might add that what happens to Sarah could happen to any one of us who may be addicted to our cellphones.

So, now onto the book I am reading right now!  It is called What Alice Forgot ...hmmm 2 books with the same name for the main character...does that mean something?  Wait...I also have a friend named Alice...never mind, I am sure it is just a coincidence!
Anyway...this one is a romantic comedy with a very realistic plot, to a certain extent.  The characters do have problems that might face some families, if not more than some...I can certainly identify with a few myself. This a good read for young and old. It is funny, human, possible, and shows what can happen if we run though life and then find ourselves where we wanted to be in 10 years, but maybe we did not really want everything that might come about in this journey called life! Maybe this story is a lesson to slow down and not race through life without remembering who we really are...I am still reading this one and my daughter is reading it, I can only guess how it turns out and I am not divulging any secrets...#sorrynotsorry!

On to educational of the best books I have read was a while ago. It was called The Power of Words by Paula Denton EdD. It speaks to how we can talk to our students and gives us language to use in many classroom situations that might arise...pick up this book. It is an easy read and you will not be sorry. You may even solve some problems that you have been dealing with in your classroom.

Favorite children's books that I think should be in your library.  There are literally a million, but I am just going to give you 2 titles that you may or may not have read!  Being an "oldie, but goodie," these books are from a long time ago!  Morris and the Disappearing Bag published in 1975 and Noisy Nora created in 1973. These books are both authored by Rosemary Wells.  Children can easily connect with the storyline of both and they are great books to teach about family relationships and problems that can happen between siblings.  Both of these stories were sitting on my children's night stands and had a special place on their bookshelves.  My daughter Katie used the Morris story to create a diorama book report when she was in elementary school. I also used Noisy Nora during Guided Reading to teach the reading strategy Making Connections.   ( I had tons of copies...about 20 from the good ole days! If you have not already read either of these books, grab a copy and read them with your real kiddos or school kiddos...I think you will LOVE them both!

Okay...there you have it...assignment complete and as I am sure you know, there are many books I could have included in all categories,but this post would have been entirely too long and you would be asleep by now or would have turned your computer OFF!  So until next time...Happy Reading!

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Welcome Back to the Classroom for 2016!

I thought this would be a great quote to start the NEW YEAR!  A teacher is a blessing to all those she/he teaches...sometimes you have to retire like I did to realize just how much of an impact you have had on the children you have taught. It seems that retirement gives you the opportunity to stop, slow down and remember all the little faces of the past and just how blessed you are...  to be a teacher!! ( I used the present tense because one thing I have found out is once a teacher...always a teacher!)


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